Emails play an integral role within your firm, so we’ve improved the role they play within AM.

Manage all your emails from one place

Email manager

Email Manager gives users the ability to view all emails that have been forwarded into AccountancyManager.

All emails that are received will appear in date order allowing you to view the most recent email first. You can also filter between All Emails, Linked Emails and Unlinked Emails.

Respect your clients with email scheduling

Email scheduling

Our enhanced scheduling capabilities mean you can avoid automated emails from being sent on weekends and bank holidays.

When enabled, queued emails that are due to be sent on a weekend or bank holiday will be sent at 5pm the following day.

Create tasks directly from emails

Create tasks from emails

You can assign and create tasks for your team straight away from emails in AM.

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What Our Customers Say

  • "AccountancyManager has saved the practice heaps of time when keeping track of deadlines & we've found the other features (e.g. time recording, client sign-ups) helpful to have all in one place."

    Niall Hawkins
    Niall Hawkins
    Farrow Accounting & Tax