We’re pleased to announce that our hotly anticipated integration with QuickBooks is now live. This will be music to the ears of many AM customers, who’ve been with us throughout the journey from requesting to testing the QuickBooks integration. Thank you for your suggestions and support – we genuinely appreciate it. 

Client information synced – in both directions

If you or your client makes a change to their details in their QuickBooks account, these changes will be reflected in the client’s file and portal on AccountancyManager. Thanks to the two-way sync, this works the other way around too. If you make a change in AM – or your client makes a change through the AM portal – the QuickBooks account will also update. 

Say goodbye to duplicate entry

The biggest benefit of synced client fields is the amount of time you and your team will save, not having to update multiple systems. Just make the change on one software.

New clients – added automatically

Once you have integrated, if you add a brand new client to AM, it will automatically be added to QuickBooks. If you add your brand new client to QuickBooks first, they will appear on your AM integration list and you can create the client in AM from there.

Coming soon: Invoices synced between AM and QuickBooks

We’ve decided to release our QuickBooks integration in two phases. The data sync integration is ready now, so you can save time on double entry while we finish up invoice integration. This means you can get all your clients connected, so when the invoice synchronisation is ready you can just turn it on and your invoices will sync across both programs for the connected clients. The invoicing function is currently in testing, but here are a couple of things you can expect:

One invoice to rule them all

Just like client details, invoices also take advantage of the two-way sync. So you can create your invoice in AM – directly generated from your timesheets – and the integration will create a matching invoice in QuickBooks. Or vice versa.

When you enable the ‘Invoice Sync’ part of the QuickBooks integration, the AM invoice screen will update to match invoices in QuickBooks.

Automatically chase clients for unpaid invoices

AccountancyManager automates all of your compliance emails to clients – requesting records and reminding clients to respond. These reminders also include nudges to pay invoices. What your emails say and how often they’re sent is up to you. Just choose your settings and forget all about it. 

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