The whole point of AccountancyManager is to take as much off your plate as possible, help you organise your practice and free up hours of time.

“The time saved with automatic chasing means that we have more time available for our clients.” 

Sharon, review on Capterra 

One of the main ways our users save considerable time is with automated record requests and reminders. First, AccountancyManager automates the process of gathering everything you need to complete your clients’ compliance jobs throughout the year. Then, if your clients don’t respond, AM will do all your chasing for you. Finally, once you’ve submitted the tax return, AccountancyManager will send reminders for your clients to pay their tax liability. 

All without you lifting a finger.

New feature – remind clients to pay their VAT

As well as reminding your clients to pay their Self Assessment and Corporation Tax, AccountancyManager can now remind your clients to pay their VAT too. (Just one of 8 new features released over the last two months.)

1. Automated record requests

When you onboard a new client – or bring your clients over to AccountancyManager – our integration with Companies House populates your client’s details, accounting deadlines and period end dates in their client file. These dates control when your client is contacted for their records. So there’s no need to set dates manually.

We supply over 45 email templates which pull in individual client details. You can edit these, or create your own templates. You can also choose to send an automated text to your client letting them know there’s an email waiting for them.

2. Choose when to chase your clients 

In Settings > Automation, you can enter how many days after the period end you’d like AM to chase your clients. In the example below, your client will receive their Self Assessment record request on day 1 (the day after the period end), then chasing emails 31 days after the period end, 90 days after and 180 days after.

“Automated reminders to clients are brilliant.”

Anon, AccountingWEB review

If you want to remind clients that their period end is approaching, just add a ‘minus’ before a number to tell AM ‘start sending reminder emails this number of days before the period end date’. The date of the period end is included in the email.

When you’ve received what you need and updated the status of the task, AccountancyManager will stop chasing.

3. Automated tax payment reminders 

Imagine how popular you’ll be with your clients if they never miss another payment deadline. 

Remind your clients to pay their tax the same way you set up your record reminders. The only difference is, the numbers you enter count down to the payment deadline date. So in this example, AccountancyManager will remind your clients 28 days before their deadline, 21 days and so on. Again, you can choose to accompany the email with an automatic text.

Latest actions – with automatic reminders

There are a few extra automated reminders that are linked to the status of a task. For example, you can remind your clients to supply the rest of their records – if you’ve only received part of what you need, like that essential final bank statement. Simply update the Task to ‘Part Records Received’ on the Client File. There’s a box you can fill out to list which records are still required, this list will be included in the now updated automated request email. So your client knows exactly what you’re waiting for. 

Other latest actions include: chasing up a question you’ve asked, chasing clients for approvals and letting them know if you’re waiting for payment on an invoice.

Automated approvals chasing (a Self Assessment lifesaver)

Around the end of January, you have enough to do without panicking about who has approved their Self Assessments – and chasing those that haven’t. AM does all the work for you.

Uncompleted Custom Forms

Instead of building forms from scratch in Word, AccountancyManager lets you build your own online forms. It’s quick and easy to do and you can create different forms depending on your clients’ circumstances. This is particularly useful when you’re preparing self assessment tax returns. In fact, we’ve created a default self assessment checklist form to get you started, but you can customise it.

You’ll get a notification in AccountancyManager when your client has filled in a form – or partly completed one. Then you can move on to your next task in preparing the submission. Until your clients complete their form, AM will continue to chase them.

Unsigned Documents

If you navigate to Settings > Automation Settings > Unsigned Documents you can set up automatic reminders for your clients to sign their documents. They can provide court-submissible e-signatures through their portal and you’ll get a notification when they do.

Agent Authorisation Code reminders

Things can get tricky if you don’t have HMRC Agent Authorisation – especially if it’s time-sensitive. You might ask for the codes during onboarding, but there’s a lot to take in and remember for your client, so send them polite nudges until they get those codes over to you.

“Easy to use, with easy HMRC agent requests and automated emails to remind/prompt clients” 

Nicola, review on Capterra

Weekly reminders to gather missing client details

If you’re missing important details on a client’s file, such as those crucial UTR numbers or Companies House authorisation codes, you can ask AccountancyManager to keep reminding your client to provide them. In Settings > Automation Settings > Client Details, switch on ‘Automatically Request Client Details Weekly’. This email will be sent on a Monday, and your clients can supply the requested details by logging into their portal.

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