From Peter Crouch to Louis Theroux, everyone’s got a podcast these days and we’re excited to be joining them.*

We could wow you with our knowledge of 80’s pop music or gardening, but sticking to what we know best, we’ll be shining some light on the issues facing accountants and bookkeepers right now. 

Join our podcasts live – or listen later

Familiar faces from across the industry will join AM CEO, James Byrne. So bring a coffee and come armed with questions. We can’t predict the future, but together we can make it a bit less murky.

Tune in on Tuesday 28th July at 10am 

James will be joined by Matt Flanagan of Appacus (see what he did there?). Matt is a cloud accounting and technology specialist, who has spent the last six years supporting accountants in their transition to cloud accounting. His advice is based on three elements: Knowledge, Process and Commerciality – ensuring accounting firms and their clients are getting the most out of cloud accounting.

To watch live on Zoom, sign up here or listen later by downloading the session from your preferred podcast provider. We’ve saved our first podcast with Simon Chaplin, also known as ‘SocksUpSimon’, in case you missed it: watch it here.

* For clarification, Crouch and Theroux may not be on our podcasts.