Being able to see what your team is working on when you’re all based at home (or when you’re back at the office) gives you a lot more than just ‘peace of mind’. 

Keep an eye on productivity, track profitability, identify bottlenecks, easily cover absences – and create instant invoices from work in progress.

This is the second in our spotlight series – taking a closer look at the features our customers are finding most helpful while working from home. Read the first – on sending bulk and segmented emails – here.

1. Keep track of who’s working – and on what

See who’s logged into AccountancyManager and what tasks they’re working on in real-time. 

Though time tracking has obvious benefits for management, it’s useful data for the team too.  We’ve found at AccountancyManager that working from home and juggling things like childcare has meant that our hours have changed a bit. Some of us are splitting our working days with partners for example. Time tracking helps to plan our own time better and make sure we’re spending it on the right things – and in the best way.

Recording your time is easy and soon becomes second nature. Often, your tasks will already be in AccountancyManager – automatically generated according to your clients’ accounting deadlines. 

2. Turn logged time into invoices – instantly

See the value of uninvoiced time in your work-in-progress (WIP) log – and generate invoices in a couple of clicks. You can send these invoices to your clients by email, share them through the client’s portal, or send them over to Xero through our integration. AccountancyManager can then chase for payment. 

3. Identify where your profits are coming from

When you track time, you can see which clients and team members are generating the most profit. Use this data to identify areas of improvement and uncover opportunities for new revenue streams and increased profit.

4. Easily cover temporary absences

Being able to see how everyone in your practice spends their time at a glance makes reallocating work a lot easier. That’s in addition to shared timelines of all communication your practice has with each client, the notes you can attach to tasks in AccountancyManager and the shared client document portal. All are a massive help in streamlining handovers between colleagues (and hand backs).

Already using AccountancyManager?

How to log time 

  • To start a log, navigate to Time > New Time Log. The log will open in a new tab and start counting up, you can also log time retrospectively. 
  • Or, even easier, simply click the clock icon to the left of a Task in your Task List:
  • Then add in the relevant details – including whether it’s chargeable time which you want to invoice for – and start the timer or simply enter in time. 

How to see who’s signed in

To see everyone that’s currently logged into AccountancyManager, go to Settings > Staff.

How to see who’s logging time

To see who’s currently logging time and against which task, go to Time > Live Team View.

How to generate invoices from logged time/WIP

To create an invoice, the Time Log must be chargeable time, it will then be stored under Time > Work in Progress. Navigate to Time > Work in Progress, locate the client and tick the time logs you want to include in the invoice.

How to export and filter time logs

To view and export your practice’s Time Logs click the ‘Time’ tab at the top of the page. You can then filter the resulting spreadsheet based on client, client manager, services delivered and more.

Give time tracking a try and see what you think. If you get stuck, your support team is on hand to help. You can reach Rachel, Liston or Matt on 01926 355366. 

If AccountancyManager (the software or the team) has helped you recently, we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, or email [email protected] – thank you!

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