There are a few reasons you might want to send a bulk email to all your clients at the moment:

  • To advise clients on Government support and how to apply
  • To update them on the latest relevant news
  • To provide answers to frequently asked questions 
  • To reassure them and show your support
  • To send a monthly update from your practice 

Keep your clients up to date with bulk emails

Get ahead of questions with regular updates

The situation is changing by the day for businesses of every size and type. Your clients will be full of questions about the Government’s measures to support businesses and the latest advice for freelancers and the self-employed.

Keep in touch with everyone – and reduce call volume

Get ahead of questions and show your continued support with regular update emails to your entire client base. Sounds time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply choose your trusted sources for information (like your regulatory body,, the World Health Organisation or the BBC) summarise the latest news in a few words and link through to the advice/story. 

One email to reach them all (or just some)

Create the update once and AM will send it to all your clients – at a time of your choice. Even better, you can tailor the updates to specific groups or types of clients such as industry, size, business/self-employed and loads more. Just pick the filter you want in your client list and tweak your emails to show the most relevant content. Done.

Send important documents 

A key addition – used by a lot of AM users – is the ability to attach documents to these bulk emails. James, AM co-founder, CEO and former practicing accountant, had this to say about the need for attachments.

“Although the portal is always there for sharing documents with your clients, it’s handy to attach things to bulk emails too – especially at the moment. You might want to send recent news, application forms or your practices’ own advice on the implications of the coronavirus.”

– James Byrne, Co-Founder & CEO of AccountancyManager

How to ‘email all’ using AccountancyManager

To send an email to all of your clients, go to your Client List and click Email All.

You can click Show Filtered Email List to see who will receive the email. You can sort the Client Email column alphabetically, and identify and remove any duplicate contacts.

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