Has the self assessment deadline got you tearing your hair out? AccountancyManager can make it easier on both you and your clients, in six simple steps:

1. Ready-made self assessment checklists

Use the template self assessment form provided, make your own tweaks or build custom forms from scratch to collect the client data you need. Share your documents with clients through our secure, GDPR-compliant portal.

2. Automatically chase clients to complete forms

AccountancyManager will remind your client to complete their forms at regular intervals – as set by you. The forms are built in, so the system will know whether they’ve been completed or not and notify you and remind clients accordingly. 

3. Easy, fast client approval 

It couldn’t be easier for your clients to approve their self assessment. They simply log into their portal and e-sign the docs. You can track approvals and completed forms in your client timeline.

4. Plan your time around returned forms, records and approvals

You don’t need to keep track of which clients have responded; AccountancyManager will alert you. Confirm that you’ve received the required records, then filter your task list to easily see what submissions you can now complete.

5. Automatic tax payment reminders

Make sure your clients pay their tax on time by setting up automatic email and text reminders. They’ll appreciate the nudge and you don’t need to lift a finger. 

 6. Track all contact with your clients

Every time you send an email or text or receive an email from your clients, it’s all tracked on their timeline. You can add summaries from calls too. This is a great audit trail and keeps everyone in your practice on the same page.

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