AccountancyManager (AM) are pleased to announce yet another integration with an accounting software powerhouse – Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Who is AM?

AccountancyManager is a multi-award-winning, fully customisable cloud-based practice management software – designed by accountants and used by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers and payroll businesses across the UK. 

What does this integration mean for you?

This integration will allow you to sync client details between AM and Sage Business Cloud Accounting – in both directions. When you update your clients details on Sage Business Cloud Accounting these will automatically be reflected across the client file and portal in AM, and vice versa

Say goodbye to duplicate entry

The biggest benefit of synced client fields is the amount of time you and your team will save, not having to update multiple systems. Just make the change in one software. 

New clients – added automatically

Once you’ve integrated, if you add a brand new client to AM, it will automatically be added to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. If you add your new client to Sage Business Cloud Accounting first, they will appear on your AM integration list and you can create the client in AM from there.